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Hundreds of thousands of rock fans watched the Cold War's most notorious symbol tumble again Saturday, this time knocked over in an outdoor performance of Pink Floyd's epic musical, "The Wall."

About 200,000 people gathered on the Potsdamer Platz to see the crashing of the 53-foot-tall plastic foam replica of the Berlin Wall at the concert's peak, recalling the breach of the actual structure Nov. 9, 1989.Organizers said before the show they expected a record of more than 1 billion people worldwide to watch on television.

The performance by former members of the '70s band, accompanied by pop stars Cyndi Lauper, Sinead O'Connor, Bryan Adams and others, took place outdoors in in the massive square that was a no man's land before the wall came down.

The huge stage held a 504-foot-long wall made up of 3,000 plastic foam bricks, which were illuminated by hundreds of spotlights from the stage and three helicopters.

In the show's climax, a giant plastic pig broke through the wall when Pink Floyd lead singer Roger Waters cried out the key line: "Is there anybody out there?"

Waters said he started to look at locations for the show a day after the wall first started to be taken down last year, following pro-democracy demonstrations and the exodus of 110,000 East German refugees to West Germany.

"I knew then I wanted to do this show in Berlin," Waters told German radio.

He chose the Potsdamer Platz, which was once the lively center of old Berlin, but after World War II became a deserted death strip patrolled by East German border guards.