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Alta View Hospital

AARON, Odis and Margie, Sandy, boy.

CROFOOT, Steven and Carol, Sandy, girl.

NATIONS, Kelly, Riverton, boy.

LDS Hospital

JACKSON, Larry William and Terrilyn, boy.

JEPSON, Lony and Chrystal Lopez, boy.

KELLY, Mark Charles and Jill, boy.

KETTS, Tom and Carrie, boy.

LAIRD, Paul and Jeri, boy.

PACKER, Phillip and Patricia, boy.

SCHERZINGER, James and Teri, girl.

SPENCER, Steven and Carla, boy.

STRUTHWOLS, Mark and Elizabeth, boy.

SUGER, Peter and Amanda, girl.

SUTTON, Robert E. Jr. and Margaret, girl.

TREVINO, Ray and Karyn, girl.

St. Marks Hospital

ALLEN, Joey and Cherrie, Dugway, girl.

GANSKE, John and Lori, Salt Lake City, boy.

GLAUSER, David and Lauri, Salt Lake City, girl.

GRAPPENDORF, Daniel and Heidi, West Jordan, girl.

HEFFERNAN, Douglas and Susan, Murray, girl.

HEWITT, Michael and Kathleen, West Jordan, girl.

LIMBAUGH, Cary and Laura, Salt Lake City, boy.

MACKAY, Wayde and Gina, Sandy, girl.

PHAM, Hoang and Hope, Murray, girl.

PULLEY, Cameron and Christy, Murray, boy.

REID, Alan and Michelle, Price, girl.

WHEELER, Jeron and Kimberly, Salt Lake City, boy.