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The Utah Pageant of the Arts may have to live up to its name and prove it belongs to Utah and not just to one city.

Pageant director David Brockbank said he "would lean toward keeping it in Utah County, but it does not belong to just American Fork."Brockbank and a few others from the pageant board would like to see a change.

"I am not planning on remaining in American Fork," he said. But the board will have the final word, and there are some "die-hards" who want to make the pageant work where it is.

The board is considering other options, including moving to Salt Lake City, and Brockbank says such a move is feasible. "There are people waiting in the wings to take over if we ask," he said.

Another option is to move within the Alpine School District. The pageant has been produced at American Fork High School since its beginning in 1972, and pageant officials are looking at Mountain View High School in Orem as an alternate location.

The American Fork location is an old theater, "but it has served us," Brockbank said. "We need to get a better product for our patrons and Mountain View is modern, has more seating and is air-conditioned."

The pageant belongs in the best theater possible, he said.

The board must decide within the next 60 days on a plan of action, Brockbank said. "I am personally looking forward to a fresh look and a change."

Ingrid Brockbank, who does pageant casting, said at its last meeting on July 18, the board decided to address the situation Aug. 11.

Jack Mckelvy, business administrator for the Alpine School District, said as far as he knows, the pageant will remain at American Fork High School.

"I think we have a mutual, working relationship," Mckelvy said. If the pageant board requests the space at the high school, they can use it as long as it is available.

Brockbank said the board has a lot planned for the pageant and it always needs money. "None of the arts live off ticket revenue."

But successful fund-raising efforts before the 1990 season, including substantial corporate contributions, have boosted optimism for the future.

The pageant can and will survive, Brockbank said. "We've got a lot of plans for the future." The newest project will be taking the pageant to Ricks College in Rexburg, Idaho.

Officials are also negotiating to do the same thing at the Utah Valley Community College, Brockbank said.