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Pedestrians beware: "Boom box" barrages and incidents of stereo warfare are on the rise in the Salt Lake area.

"It's almost a heart-attack situation," Salt Lake County Commission Chairman Mike Stewart said Monday, responding to a letter from a county resident who complained to county officials that vehicles with noisy stereos rattle the dishes in her cupboards and would certainly drown out the sirens from emergency vehicles.Stewart agrees with the likelihood the thumping bass and screaming treble could create a traffic safety problem in addition to the seemingly deliberate stereo scare tactics. "It's the current thing now to `boom box' someone over 60," Stewart said, adding that the complaints he has heard would indicate that some people throttle up the stereo as they pass pedestrians to purposefully give them a jolt.

Motorists violate current ordinances if noises from inside a vehicle can be heard 100 feet away, said John I. Morgan, associate director of the Salt Lake City/County Health Department, but he said enforcing the ordinance is difficult.

Stewart asked for a meeting between the Health and Sheriff's departments to see if they can find a way to enforce the noise ordinance or otherwise tame the terrorist tunes.