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To the editor:

We would like to express our dissatisfaction with the Piute County School Board's decision to hire outside of the county.Recently, our school board hired a person out of the county for a position (not a teaching position, but one for which most people could qualify). With an unemployment rate of 13.2 percent, the highest in the state, surely one of the 21 applicants considered - at least one from the county - was qualified.

Piute County is the most economically depressed county in the state. In the past three years, countless families have had to move due to the lack of jobs and the unpredictable agricultural markets. We residents have stuck it out hoping for some jobs and better prices for our farm products. We therefore feel that those county residents who applied for this job should have had first consideration.

Unfortunately, this is a typical act of our school board: overlooking those who are qualified right here in our midst and hiring, with an apparent policy of self-interest, those whom they want to live here (relatives, etc.) or whom they want in the position regardless of qualifications. Not that we don't welcome growth, but we can't support what we already have, let alone those who move in or "come back."

It is not our recommendation that the Board of Education should rescind the job already given. We do feel, however, that our elected representatives should be acting in the best interest of the people within the county they've been elected to serve.

We encourage all county residents to support this man unequivocally in his job. He acted in good faith in applying for this position and we have nothing against him personally.

This is an election year. The way the county residents can show their concerns or support is at the voting polls.

We must take part of the blame for the decision the school board made because we as individuals did not take a more active role in the board meetings. We must be more involved.

David L. Thompson


And other members of

Concerned Citizens of Piute County