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To the editor:

Verl Ogden and Jim Budd (July 9) make essentially the same point that homosexuality is a choice. As an advocate for heterosexuality, The Evergreen Foundation provides support to people who have found that even with moral commitment and self-control, choice is a struggle and a process rather than a single decisive event.We offer those troubled by their homosexual behavior or attraction a positive approach to change. Our approach is an alternative to gay lifestyles. It is also an option to those who suffer alone and in silence believing change is impossible.

Budd appears to blame the opposite sex for what he calls unnatural detours. We see homosexuality as a symptom of inadequate same-sex relationships. For example, we believe boys who do not feel closely bonded with their fathers are at greater risk of developing same-sex attraction than boys who know they are loved and accepted by their fathers and the other men and boys in their lives.

The encouraging news is that damage to a person's sexual identity can be mitigated. Members of Evergreen are living proof that people who meet their needs for same-sex acceptance and affirmation in non-sexual ways experience positive changes, including freedom from sexual addiction.

Alan Seegmiller, chairman

The Evergreen Foundation

Salt Lake City