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The Utah Legislature will be asked to appoint a task force to study school trust land issues.

A group of legislative committee members and educators voted Thursday to seek the task force to study how the state can get a better return on its trust lands.Rep. Jerrold S. Jensen, R-Salt Lake, said Utah should be getting more money from the lands that were set aside at statehood, specifically to support education. The motion adopted by the subcommittee, which included members of the Legislature's education committee and of the State Board of Education, was later endorsed by a larger group attending the joint meetings here.

Gov. Norm Bangerter, when he spoke to educators and legislators, said the state is trying to get the federal government to pay Utah for trust lands that are located within the boundaries of federal parks and military installations.

Bangerter said Utah's congressional delegation has been asked to sponsor legislation that could earn the state up to $50 million for the isolated lands. The governor warned, however, that evaluating the lands is difficult because of their unique nature.