Actress Kelly McGillis says she's perfectly happy being married to someone outside show business.

Her husband, Fred Tillman, is a Newport Beach, Calif., yacht broker, and the 32-year-old actress says she took it as a compliment when a tabloid newspaper reported she had married a "complete nobody.""I have lived with actors and dated actors and personally I found it really boring," said McGillis, who starred opposite Tom Cruise in "Top Gun."

"All your life is talking about work or living it," she said in an interview this week. "I wanted something more than that. And I obviously met the right person and it really didn't matter what he did. I don't care. He's great."

She said her marriage on New Year's Eve, 1988, and the birth of the couple's daughter, Kelsey Lauren, in May, has "changed my outlook."

"Before, my work was my whole life, and getting married was one step of claiming a personal life and certainly having a child is claiming a much bigger chunk of personal life," she said. "This little person that looks at me and says, `Feed me,' that's really important to me now."