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The Juab High School rodeo doesn't get the recognition it deserves, said Bob Day, the non-teaching community adviser to the group.

Of the 32 qualifying high school rodeos in the state, Nephi has the largest. In the past 10 years, eight students have made it into the national finals. But last year a student won a first-place title but didn't get his photo in the yearbook.Day said rodeo competitors weren't invited to the honor banquet.

He said the club made $7,000, ran and produced the rodeo and then put money into a scholarship fund to pay college expenses for rodeo club members who qualified. The club provided $1,700 in scholarship money in 1990, he said.

Day asked the school board to assign a high school teacher to the group as an adviser.

Superintendent Kirk Wright said the rodeo club is not recognized by the High School Activities Association. "The rodeo club is unique in our area," said Wright. It is the only club where high school students participate in a sports activity not sanctioned by the activities association.

"The school has been outstanding to let kids go on Fridays (just as they do for school-sponsored events)," said Day.

"When the activity is not recognized by the state activities association, it makes a lot of difference on what happens," said Jerry Bosh, board vice president.

Only the people who achieve on a state level and those who receive high honors are invited to the honor's banquet. The rodeo is not held on the state level until after the honor's banquet is held. Therefore, the high school seniors would have to be invited for the next year's banquet and would need to return to campus for the event.

The yearbook photo would need to be printed a year after the fact, as well.

Baseball and track results are printed in a supplement. Day was asked to have the rodeo club press officer take photos to the yearbook staff and to have their president work with the school so the club would be aware of deadlines.

The board also agreed to seek a teacher/adviser for the group. However, the teacher would need to perform without pay.

Chad Winn, who has had several children participate in the rodeo club, said the program is a great way to bring families together. No other sport requires students to work so closely with their parents, he said.

Day said he thinks the community should also support the rodeo.

In addition, Day said, invitations were sent to all high school principals, board members and superintendents to attend the state finals rodeo. Only three attended.