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City officials and residents say routing Provo Canyon truck traffic down 800 North will not solve the valley's PM10 problem, it will only move it to Orem and at the expense of residents' safety.

The Bureau of Air Quality's lastest state implementation plan for reducing PM10 particulates calls for designating 800 North as the preferred truck route from Provo Canyon to I-15. City officials and residents say they are not sure what impact that will have on Orem, but they say that it likely will not be good.Mayor Blaine Willes and other city officials are worried that designating 800 North as a truck route would cause added pollution problems in Orem andalso create traffic and safety problems. However, city officials say there is not yet enough information available to make any decisions.

"I am concerned. I am going to take that to the council for discussion. I think we should challenge (the SIP plan), but in what form I don't know. We will express concern about that," Willes said.

City Manager Daryl Berlin said making 800 North a truck route would likely mean a slower speed limit and more stop lights.

"It might solve Provo's problem but what is it going to do to ours? What is it going to do for air quality on 800 North? That increased traffic is going to have some kind of effect on us," Berlin said.