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What a relief! Just when it was starting to look like Congress might never find any more places to trim federal spending in its stalwart effort to eliminate the deficit, the lawmakers have discovered a brand new target for cutbacks.

Yes, just the other day the House of Representatives stumbled across a whole class of public servants who waste inordinate amounts of taxpayers' money with bloated staffs and expensive perks while contributing almost nothing to the public good.Sounds like the congressmen were looking in the mirror, doesn't it? But don't be silly. Instead, the public servants they have courageously condemned are the four former presidents - whose office expenses are picked up by the taxpayers to the tune of $1.6 million a year.

The House voted to freeze those allocations, as well as presidential pensions, for a total saving of $156,000.

Fine! But if charity begins at home, shouldn't frugality start there, too? After Congress gets through scrimping on other people's pensions and office expenses, the lawmakers should take a sharp pencil to their own.

Scripps Howard News Service reports that projections show that this year, mailing privileges granted to House members will cost us more than $77 million - a new record, and $38 million over budget. Ouch!