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Southern Utah State College will host a variety of guest speakers, including directors, artists and authors, for the 1990 Summer Lecture Series.

Summer lectures will be held each Thursday at 11:30 a.m. in the Thorley Recital Hall located in the SUSC Music Building. SUSC students may register for credit. All lectures are free to the public.The lecture series is the summer equivalent of the SUSC Convocation program, a weekly enrichment series for SUSC students and for area residents and visitors.

July 5, Tom Markus, chairman of the department of theatre at the University of Utah, will lecture on the topic "Who's on First? - User Friendly Theatre."

Markus was director of professional theaters for 10 years in New Hampshire, Maine and Virginia where he won "best director" awards. Markus is also resident director for the Pioneer Theatre Company and will soon release the second edition of his book, "The Professional Actor."

July 12, Sharon Swenson, director of film studies at Brigham Young University, will present eating and drinking as more than nourishment.

The title of Swenson's lecture, "Food as Metaphor" will describe the uses to which food has been put to describe character and culture in history, language, literature and other art forms.

July 19, Sam Christopher, an artist-in-residence at SUSC and associate director of the American Folk Ballet, will lecture on "The American Folk Ballet in Russia."

Christopher has been instrumental in helping Burch Mann, founder and director of the company, fulfill her lifelong dream - to have her professional dance company perform in the Soviet Union.

Christopher will speak about the "White Nights Festival" in Leningrad's famed Octybrsky Grand Concert Hall and other highlights of the "Friendship Tour" which features performances in Moscow and Riga.

July 26, Charles Peterson, professor of history and extensive researcher and writer for LDS Church and Utah history, will lecture on "Wilderness Stones: The Arizona Strip 1865-1945."

Peterson is a frequent contributor to numerous historical journals. He has also written and co-written several books focusing on specific segments of Utah history.

Specialized in environment and natural resource studies, Peterson is a product of the northern Arizona/south Utah desert and reflects its color and human qualities.

The author of two children's books published by Harper & Row, Margaret Rostkowski, will lecture on the subject, "Thoughts on Children's Literature" Aug. 2.

Rostkowski holds a bachelor's degree in history from Middlebury College and a master's degree from the University of Kansas. She is the author of two books - "The Best of Friends" and an award-winning book which has received honors from the International Reading Association, titled, "After the Dancing Days."

Concluding speaker for the 1990 Summer Lecture Series is Robert S. McPherson.