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The Weber School Board has ratified a new contract that gives its 1,100 teachers a raise of at least $1,000.

The 1990 work agreement includes a 7 percent increase for first-year teachers and a 6.27 percent increase for all other teachers, said Weber Superintendent William Reese.He said first-year teachers were awarded a slightly higher increase to bring their starting salaries just above $17,000.

The 6.27 percent increase for all other teachers means that everyone will get at least $1,000 more this year, as mandated by the 1990 Legislature. Teachers who are more advanced in their careers will get higher raises in proportion to their years of experience and education, receiving increases of up to $1,600, Reese said.

The settlement ratified Tuesday also includes 6.27 percent salary increases for driver-education instructors and those who work for hourly wages in summer school and curriculum development programs.

School nurses will receive 4 percent raises under the plan, and also will see an increase in their mileage reimbursements from 20 to 22 cents per mile.

Don Hillman, executive director of Ogden-Weber Uniserv, said teachers were pleased with the offer, with a few exceptions.

"We feel this is a good settlement, but it's also a minimum settlement," he said. "It's a situation where the district has done just what it had to, to get us to accept the contract and then has added a few nice things."