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This annual movie quiz sometimes prompts readers to complain that it's intimidating because they haven't seen many movies, or perhaps they've seen quite a few and simply can't remember the details.

But it isn't really designed to test the most knowledgeable movie buff in your circle - although it can serve that purpose.Hopefully, to enjoy this page, you don't have to know the answers. To be honest, I wouldn't remember most of these tidbits of information myself without jotting them down throughout the year. The aim here is purely to entertain; peeking at the answers as you read the questions is allowed.

With that in mind, here is the 1990 edition, gleaned from movies released in Salt Lake theaters during the past calendar year:


In which two - or more - movies did the following occur?

1. A scene from "It's a Wonderful Life" is glimpsed on a TV screen.

2. A lead character is named Hoke.

3. A villain fiddles with a razor blade in one hand.

4. British actress Joan Plowright plays an Eastern European immigrant.

5. The leading lady teaches the leading man how to read.

6. A female cop scares off a potential date by saying she likes to rough up suspects.

7. John Turturro fakes his own death.

8. Larry King is briefly glimpsed, playing himself.

9. The lead character makes huge purchases from TV's Home Shopping Channel.

10. Killer aliens use weapons that appear to be deadly Frisbees.

11. A ghost must concentrate with a grimace to physically touch something.

12. The song "Danny Boy" highlights an integral scene.

13. Ruben Blades plays a thug whose companions beat up the hero.

14. A ghost tracks down his own killer with help from a reluctant mortal.

15. Ricki Lake plays an unmarried pregnant teen.

16. Jennifer Jason Leigh plays a hooker beat up by her boyfriend.

17. Al Pacino orders rival gangsters to be killed.

18. Something unusual comes out of a person's nose.

19. The song "The Boys Are Back in Town" is used as a theme.

20. James Belushi plays a baseball nut who unexpectedly finds himself living someone else's wealthy life. MOVIE MOVIES

Which movies showed brief scenes from these older movies?

1. Creature From the Black Lagoon

2. The Bridge on the River Kwai

3. Rambo III

4. The Godfather, Part II

5. Boys Town

6. The Jazz Singer

7. Dracula (1979)

8. Fiddler on the Roof

9. Miracle on 34th Street

10. Tarantula


What actors spoke these memorable lines of dialogue, and in which films?

1. "It's a great life, if you don't weaken."

2. "When we get out of the '80s, the '90s are going to make the '60s look like the '50s."

3. "Death is the greatest kick of all, that's why they save it for last."

4. "Go ahead, make my day!"

5. "Wait'll they get a load of me."

6. "CandyGram for Mr. Mongo."

7. "I think the dead should shut up unless there's something to say."

8. "Just the FAX, ma'am, just the FAX."

9. "I'm the tooth fairy."

10. "I'm the party pooper."


Which movies showed brief scenes from these television programs?

1. I Love Lucy

2. Wheel of Fortune

3. The Simpsons

4. KUTV, Ch. 2, News (with Alexis Fernandez)

5. Howdy Doody

6. The Love Connection

7. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

8. To Tell the Truth

9. Today (with pre-"20/20" Barbara Walters and Hugh Downs)

10. Highway to Heaven\ UNBILLED STARDOM

What well-known actors had prominent roles in these films, but were not listed in the credits?

1. Born on the Fourth of July

2. Pacific Heights

3. Reversal of Fortune

4. Havana

5. The Bonfire of the Vanities

6. Almost an Angel


Which films were sold with these advertising slogans?

1. The hunt is on.

2. Get ready for the ride of your life.

3. Lean, green and on the screen.

4. I'm on my way.

5. Ahh . . . the joys of transparenthood.

6. Eight legs, two fangs and an attitude.

7. Die harder.

8. Private detective, public offender.

9. Believe.

10. Having a wonderful time, wish I were here.


1. Who is on the cover of the Playgirl magazine being read by Annie Potts in "Texasville"?

2. In which movie are the opening credits spoken aloud instead of printed on the screen?

3. Which of the three sequels to movies made in the '70s - "The Two Jakes," "Texasville," "The Godfather, Part III" - marks the longest period between films?

4. In which movie did 7-foot New York Knicks center Patrick Ewing play an angel?

5. What prominent actress co-starred in "Funny About Love" with Gene Wilder, then had all her scenes cut from the film before its release?

6. Which movie showed the title "White Hunter, Black Heart" on a theater marquee, though the Clint Eastwood picture had not yet been released?

7. Burt Kwouk, who played Peter Seller's karate-kicking houseboy in the "Pink Panther" films, played a military officer who was also a drug-dealing villain in which film?

8. What blooper was evident in "Die Hard 2" when Bruce Willis used a pay phone at a Washington, D.C., airport?

9. In which film did Morton Downey Jr. play a fictional tabloid TV reporter?

10. What real-life tabloid TV talk-show host plays himself in "The Bonfire of the Vanities"?

Here are the answers to Chris Hicks' 1990 movie quiz:

DEJA VIEW: The Big Picture, Gremlins 2, The Exorcist III, I Come in Peace, Home Alone; Driving Miss Daisy, Miami Blues; Pacific Heights, The Rookie; I Love You to Death, Avalon; Driving Miss Daisy, Stanley and Iris; Blue Steel, Betsy's Wedding; State of Grace, Miller's Crossing; Crazy People, Exorcist III; Rosalie Goes Shopping, Taking Care of Business; I Come in Peace, Predator 2; Ghost Dad, Ghost; Miller's Crossing, Memphis Belle; mo' better blues, The Two Jakes; Heart Condition, Ghost; Cry-Baby, Last Exit to Brooklyn; Last Exit to Brooklyn, Miami Blues; Taking Care of Business, Mr. Destiny; Dick Tracy, The Godfather, Part III; Tales from the Darkside (the person's brain), Total Recall (a homing device), Arachnophobia (a spider); Navy SEALS, Another 48HRS.

MOVIE MOVIES: Cry-Baby; I Love You to Death; Gremlins 2; The Freshman; Problem Child; GoodFellas; Sibling Rivalry; Opportunity Knocks; Home Alone; The Rookie.

QUOTABLE QUOTES: Bette Midler, Stella; Dennis Hopper, Flashback; Michael J. Fox, Back to the Future, Part III; Linda Blair, Repossessed; Charlie Sheen, The Rookie; Bruce Willis, Die Hard 2; Clint Eastwood, The Rookie; Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kindergarten Cop; Ron Silver, Blue Steel; Brad Dourif, The Exorcist III;

TV OR NOT TV: Pretty Woman; Arachnophobia; Die Hard 2; Desperate Hours; Back to the Future, Part III; and Avalon; White Palace and Misery; Home Alone; Jacob's Ladder; Mermaids; Almost an Angel.

UNBILLED STARDOM: Tom Berenger; Beverly D'Angelo; Julie Hagerty; Raul Julia; F. Murray Abraham; Charlton Heston.

ADVERTISEMANIA: The Hunt for Red October; Total Recall; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; Dick Tracy; Ghost Dad; Arachnophobia; Die Hard 2; The Adventures of Ford Fairlane; Ghost; Postcards from the Edge.

BONUS QUESTIONS: Robert Redford; Tune in Tomorrow . . .; "Texasville," 19 years after "The Last Picture Show" (both "Chinatown" and "The Godfather, Part II" were released in 1974); The Exorcist III; Predator 2; Geraldo Rivera; the pay phone is clearly labeled "Pacific Bell," a California telephone company; My Blue Heaven; Farrah Fawcett; Air America.

PHOTO QUESTIONS: Pretty Woman; Born on the Fourth of July, Cry-Baby, Wild at Heart; Flatliners; Michelangelo; Cry-Baby, Edward Scissorhands.