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The following House and Senate bills have been pre-filed for the 1991 Legislature, which convenes Jan. 14.

HB1 (Jensen) - Awards attorney's fees to the prevailing party in civil actions.HB2 (Valentine) - Clarifies the filing procedure for foreign judgments.

HB3 (Davis) - Amends the time and procedure for collecting property taxes.

HB4 (Milner) - Creates an offense of homicide by assault.

HB6 (Bradford) - Changes the date that school districts issue their annual performance audits.

HB7 (Valentine) - Changes the definition of heir and a reference to injury as applicable to recovery in wrongful death actions.

HB8 (Price) - Imposes a 2-cent fee on each video rental, the money going for an arts education program in the public schools.

HB13 (Bishop) - Outlines the voting privileges given to an 18-year-old resident.

HB14 (Pignanelli) - Prohibits discrimination in employment of homeless people.

HB15 (Bradford) - Provides a staff to the School Trust Fund.

HB16 (Rose) - Provides a special license plate for purple heart recipients.

HB17 (Bradshaw) - Provides terms, conditions of removal and meeting times for members of the Utah Occupational Safety and Health Advisory Council.

HB18 (Atkinson) - Changes certain provisions of the Utah Fair Housing Act to comply with federal law.

HB20 (Jones) - Creates a task force to review national and local trends in voluntarism and community service.

HB21 (Oscarson) - Establishes a budgetary reserve account for public education.

HB22 (Jones) - Removes the 70 percent occupancy requirement for establishing a child care center in public schools and removes limitation on the amount of classroom space that can be used for a child care center.

HB23 (Julander) - Creates nurse scholarship program.

HB25 (Julander) - Allows a consulting physician to supervise greater or fewer nurse practitioners based on criteria to be established by the Division of Licensing.

HB26 (Yardley) - Changes certain provisions of the Employment Security Act to comply with federal law.

HB27 (Valentine) - Establishes uniform time for party caucuses and modifies reporting requirements for party officer and delegate elections.

HB28 (Ellerston) - Amends the grounds for appeal in criminal cases.

HB29 (Garn) - Provides for monthly sales tax distributions to local governments and establishes electronic transfer of funds.

HB30 (Frandsen) - Changes and clarifies the terms and membership of the Retirement Membership Council.

HB31 (B. Evans) - Provides standards and procedures for seasonal employment and limits unemployment benefits for seasonal employment.

HB32 (Milner) - Extends the statute of limitations for sexual offenses against a child to no more than five years after the date of discovery.

HB33 (M. Evans) - Expands criminal code of sexual offenses to include spousal rape.

HB36 (Rose) - Eliminates spousal exception to rape.

HB37 (Bodily) - Prohibits influencing of a juror and provides penalty.

HB38 (Price) - Requires all counties to prepare budget for municipal-type services provided by the county.

HB39 (Burningham) - Requires the establishment of non-partisan reapportionment commission.

HB40 (Allen) - Creates a new division of energy and specifies duties of the division.

HB41 (Julander) - Provides for rules governing temperature settings for water heaters.

HB42 (Moody) - Provides for repayment of nurses' education loans for service in an approved nursing shortage site.

HB43 (Valentine) - Provides sales tax exemption from the sale of parts and equipment installed in aircraft operating as common carriers.

HB44 (Davis) - Requires the publication of information related to earthquake insurance coverage.

HB45 (Hunsaker) - Repeals certain sections of the Utah Code related to risk management participation by local health departments.

HB46 (Bodily) - Amends residency requirement for justice of the peace court justices.

HB47 (Julander) - Exempts home medical equipment from sales and use tax.

HB48 (Lewis) - Fixes compensation and salary ranges for certain state officers and clarifies the governor's duty in setting certain salaries.

HB49 (Lewis) - Defines state officer for purposes of the executive and judicial compensation commission.

HB50 (Nielsen) - Increases membership on the Utah Substance Abuse Coordinating Council and subcommittees.

HB51 (Jones) - Creates the Utah Capital Access Act to establish a reserve fund to enable financial institutions to make certain types of loans.

HB52 (Bodily) - Raises driver license fees by $5, as recommended by Gov. Norm Bangerter.

HB53 (Haymond) - Provides that certain information be included in a certificate of discharge for federal tax liens.

HB54 (M. Evans) - Directs the Division of Family Services to hold a conference on family violence.

HB55 (Valentine) - Amends provisions related to the publication of the effective date of rules.

HB56 (M. Evans) - Directs the Division of Family Services to establish a statewide network of volunteers to assist victims of domestic violence.

HB57 (James) - Clarifies appropriate speed limits on certain highways adjacent to a school building or school ground.

HB58 (Halverson) - Establishes a central fuel dispensing system.

HB59 (Waddoups) - Provides that sexual offense convictions may not be expunged.

HB60 (M. Brown) - Amends hunting and fishing trespass posting requirements.

HB61 (Atkinson) - Allows a court to order community service from individuals who violate child visitation order or fail to pay child support.

HB62 (Frandsen) - Creates a task force to study the needs of children of divorce relating to child custody and visitation.

HB63 (Oscarson) - Amends definitions and responsibilities of the state data processing coordinator.

HB64 (Goodfellow) - Amend definitions and responsibilities of the Department of Transportation offices.

HB66 (Bodily) - Establishes a highway administrative jurisdiction account.

HB68 (Olsen) - Prohibits abortion; provides specific exceptions and provides reporting requirements.

HB69 (Hunter) - Provides that the Board of Regents have at least one member from each of the counties in which an institution of higher education is located who resides within that county.

HB71 (Dmitrich) - Provides if manufacturers or importers of alcoholic beverages have representatives in Utah, that those representatives reside in Utah and obtain licenses.

HB72 (Milner) - Repeals the July 1991 sunset date attached to the law that prohibits parenthood agreements.

HJR1 (Slack) - Urges the U.S. Congress to establish a bimellennial commission to plan and coordinate celebrations for the year 2000.

HJR2 (Fuller) - Asks Congress to allow taxpayers to deduct health insurance payments from the federal taxes

HJR3 (M. Evans) - Commends Samuel W. Smith for his many years of service to the Utah State Prison System.

HJR4 (M. Evans) - Commends John W. Turner for his many years of service to the Utah State Prison System.

HCR1 - (Dmitrich) - Commends the state arboretum for 30 years of service.

HCR2 (LeBaron) - Creates a governor's committee to commission a statue of Brigham Young, which will stand in the State Capitol.

HCR3 (James) - Recognizes the importance of uniform school crossing zones to increase school zone safety.

Here is a list of prefiled Senate bills for the 1991 Legislature which convenes Jan. 14.

SB1 (Finlinson) - Requires water system operators to be certified by the state.

SB2 (Hillyard) - Changes the names of certain homicide offenses.

SB3 (Bunnell) - Repeals the investment incentive to ski resorts.

SB4 (Holmgren) - Changes the motor fuel tax refunds available to off-highway vehicle accounts.

SB5 (Fordham) - Repeals the termination date for the telecommunications program for the deaf.

SB6 (McMullin) - Extends the tax credit for energy-saving systems.

SB7 (Leavitt) - Relaxes petition requirements for the creation of a water conservancy district.

SB8 (Steele) - Allows a student who passes a written driver education test to receive a practice permit and complete the driving test at a driver license division office.

SB9 (Beattie) - Changes parts of occupational disease law as it applies to hearing loss.

SB10 (Hillyard) - Changes provisions for awarding exemplary damages in civil shoplifting cases.

SB11 (Myrin) - Changes the powers of the state engineer as it relates to water.

SB12 (McMullin) - Gives a service credit increase to retired members of the public employee retirement system.

SB13 (13 (Rees) - Clarifies when the state medical examiner shall perform autopies on traffic accident victims.

SB14 (Black) - Deletes the requirement that any additional transit tax revenue go to improve I-15.

SB16 (C.A. Peterson) - Clarifies when a felony convicton can be entered and sentenced as a misdemeanor.

SB17 (Leavitt) - Allows private schools to conduct criminal background checks as a condition of employment.

SB18 (Leavitt) - Creates a nominating commission for State School Board members.

SB19 (Nielsen) - Requires that fines from overweight vehicle citations be deposited in the Class B and C road accounts.

SB20 (Myrin) - Allocates one-eighth-cent of the sales tax for water development.

SB21 (Leavitt) - Creates a state geographic information base and details its use.

SB22 (Finlinson) - Changes the purpose of the Water Development Corordinating Council.

SB23 (McAllister) - Prohibits specific abortions.

SB24 (Finlinson) - Authorizes the sale of $50 million in water development bonds.

SB25 (C.E. Peterson) - Defines the kind of work that counties, cities and towns can do on roads as maintenance without contracting the work out.