It takes a long time for a business to recover from a fire.

Just ask Raymond Bastian, owner of the Realty World-Fanafi agency, who is just now putting in some lights in a new sign at his agency's new location, 1829 W. 3500 South, seven months after a fire destroyed his old office and several other businesses at 3460 S. Redwood RoadEven though putting lights in the new sign may be the final step in eliminating the effects of the June 22, 1990, fire, Bastian and his agents have been in business at other locations thanks to other Realty World offices and heavy use of the Cellular One mobile system.

At the heart of a real estate business is its records, and the fire destroyed 30 percent of Bastian's records and the remainder were damaged by water and smoke. Agency staff and family members took the wet papers home, dried them and saved a good portion. Others were put between plastic sheets and copied.

For a month after the fire, Bastian and his agents worked out of other offices and their calls came in by cellular telephone. Bastian has been working hard to furnish the new office since he moved in Dec. 1 while the agents have been handling the real estate business.

The Fanafi (find a need and fill it) agency was started in 1985 by Bastian as a property management and real estate agency. It has grown to four full-time Realtors and four others working as independent contractors, specializing in residential and apartment management and Department of Housing and Urban Development home sales along with other real estate.

"It's amazing that we made it through this ordeal. It could have been the end of the business," he said, announcing that on Friday, Jan. 18, from 2-6 p.m. the agency will hold an open house for past, present and future clients and industry associates.