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New bills filed in the Legislature on Monday:


SB52 (McAllister) - Directs the Division of Parks and Recreation to develop a recreational trail system.

SB53 (Barlow) - Extends government immunity to state-owned medical facilities, like the University of Utah Hospital.

SB54 (Steele) - Increases the number of penalty points a driver can receive before he has to take the written examination upon renewal.

SB55 (C.E. Peterson) - Repeals teacher career ladder incentive pay, giving the money to school districts to use as they like.

SB56 (Steele) - Requires peace officers to file the original accident report with the Department of Public Safety.

SB57 (Storey) - Defines poor person for the purposes of eligibility for tax relief programs.


HB116 (Nielsen) - Requires railroad cars carrying passengers to have tops, side curtains, windshield wipers and heaters during winter months.

HB117 (Jensen) - Allows the assignment of life insurance to charities and grants charities the right to enforce payment of proceeds.

HB118 (J.R. Hunter) - Eliminates the eminent domain authority of redevelopment agencies and prohibits the sale of real property by redevelopment agencies for less than fair market value.

HB119 (Tanner) - Sets the minimum fine for littering at $299.

HB120 (Waddoups) - Requires schools districts to close schools on state holidays.

HB121 (R.M. Evans) - Deregulates the distribution of compressed natural gas for use as a motor vehicle fuel.

HB122 (Hendrickson) - Restricts bidding ability of businesses performing personnel productivity or efficiency studies of public procurement units, counties and municipalities.

HB124 (Stephens) - Provides workers' compensation coverage for Winter Olympic volunteers.

HB125 (Jones) - Provides for the division of debts and obligations of the parties in divorce cases.

HB126 (Lewis) - Permits trustees to hold title to assets in the name of the trust and makes several other changes to the Probate Code.

HB127 (Bishop) - Establishes a central panel of administrative law judges in the Department of Administrative Services and makes other changes in the administrative hearings process.

HJR11 (Ellertson) - Grants the petition of Sevier County to join the state district court administrative system.


HR1 (Adams) - Establishes rules of procedure for the 1991 House of Representatives.