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DEAR ABBY: After breaking my engagement to a man with whom I had a five-year, on-again, off-again relationship, I went to a psychiatrist to get my head straight. I am a 35-year-old professional woman. After nearly a year in therapy, I find myself very much attracted to my psychiatrist. He is not married. I see him once a week for an hour and find myself looking forward to our weekly sessions.

When I date other men, I compare them with my doctor, and none can equal him in intelligence, sensitivity and kindness.I realize that my feelings are inappropriate, but I don't want to stop seeing him. Is this sort of thing unusual, and how should I handle it? - FALLING IN LOVE

DEAR FALLING: Be upfront with your doctor and tell him that you have a "crush" on him. No need to feel embarrassed - it's not uncommon. He will know how to put you at ease and help you deal with your feelings.

If the feelings are mutual and he's an ethical doctor, he will refer you to another therapist.

DEAR ABBY: Will you please settle a little dispute? My business hours are from noon to midnight (12 a.m. to 12 p.m.). I have been told it should be 12 p.m. to 12 a.m. - and I say no-no! I always thought "a.m." meant morning and "p.m." meant afternoon or night. Am I correct, or not? Please find out and let me know. - G. CURRAN IN BRUNSWICK, MAINE

DEAR G. CURRAN: Noon to midnight is 12 p.m. to 12 a.m. - so you are incorrect. Eliminate all the "a.m.'s" and "p.m.'s," and simplify matters by saying, "12 o'clock noon - or 12 o'clock midnight."

DEAR ABBY: I enjoyed your Dog's Prayer so much, I composed a companion prayer for cats. If you use it, just sign me . . . D.H.

DEAR D.H.: Here it is:A CAT'S PRAYER

Now hear this! You may live in this dwelling with me, but keep in mind your sole purpose for existing is to care for me. I pray God keeps you able to do so.

Feed me well and promptly, so that I may then find a quiet place to lie down and stare at you. If that place happens to be on top of the television set, do not keep trying to dislodge me even though my tail is hanging in the middle of the picture.

I expect full run of the premises, including the kitchen table. I sniff your food only to see if I would prefer it to mine. Brush me twice a week. Pet me as often as you wish, but I can do without the idiotic statements you utter as you do so.

When I bump my head against your leg or cheek, it means I accept you as part of my environment. Keep in mind that if I thought the lady next door would feed me better, I'd be out of here in a minute. If you're looking for loyalty, get a dog.