Provo will have one more year-round school the next academic year as Canyon Crest Elementary School moves to the new schedule.

The Provo School Board approved the change at the monthly board meeting Tuesday. The city now has five year-round elementary schools.Westridge was the first school in the state to go year-round. Timpanogos and Sunset View went to the year-round schedule later to allow larger enrollments. All three schools are on a four-track system. At any time, one-fourth of the children are on vacation and off-track, allowing the schools to accommodate 25 percent more students.

Canyon Crest will be on the four-track system. Kathryn Luke, director of elementary education, said it is "basically to handle increasing growth."

Joaquin Elementary School is also year-round but the children all have the same schedule, in what is called a single-track system. The off-track time is used by the school for other programs.