MJB has a new rice dish, Chicken Flavor Pilaf with natural sea-sonings. The 6-ounce box retails for 94 .

Don Russell: "We liked MBJ's chicken pilaf. On the other hand, there are so many of these kinds of rice dishes on the market that there seems few distinguishable differences among them. MJB adds plenty of season-ings that make this pilaf appealing and rather tasty."Judy Slack Wilson: "We had the chicken pilaf with natural season-ings. Price is good, easy to fix - good stuff."

Edyth Jensen: "Our family usually likes pilaf and this was no exception. The flavor is just strong enough to be good and not overpowering. We will use this again."

Rich Firmage: "I've said it before: I like rice, and I thought I liked all rice dishes. I was wrong. I didn't like this one. We had the chicken flavor and the seasoning was pretty bad. The ingredients list was worse: chicken fat, MSG and lots of sodium."

Conclusion: The majority here think this chicken pilaf is plenty fine!

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