Two men charged in a credit-card scheme that investigators say cost Davis County businesses thousands of dollars in lost merchandise pleaded not guilty to unlawful use of a credit card Tuesday in 2nd District Court.

Lance C. Butcher, 30, and Ricky Thompson, 21, both of Ogden, pleaded not guilty to the second-degree felony charge. Both are being held in the county jail.Investigators charge they picked up a handful of credit card receipts from a stack next to a cash register in an Ogden restaurant in September. Using the numbers off the slips, they telephoned businesses and ordered merchandise.

They told the business owners they were handicapped, according to detectives, and that a son would come in and pick up the merchandise.

Because the credit-card owners didn't know the slips were stolen, they didn't know their number was being used, police say, so when the merchants checked the account numbers they were still active.

The two were arrested by two deputy sheriffs on Sept. 10 in Layton. The deputies saw them going through a bag of merchandise outside a Layton bar and, on checking further, found the credit-card receipts inside the bag didn't match the identity of the suspects.

A search of their home turned up what one detective said was thousands of dollars in clothing, stereo and electronic equipment, and other merchandise.

Butcher and Thompson are scheduled for trial Nov. 8, but defense attorneys for the two have requested a pre-trial hearing on a motion challenging whether the deputies who arrested them had sufficient legal grounds for a search.