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Cherish testimony- Teach all nations

The thousands of full-time missionaries who have been called by a prophet are visual evidence that our Heavenly Father has not forgotten His children, said Elder Joseph C. Muren of the Seventy."Why do we have nearly 45,000 missionaries serving in the world? Because Heavenly Father loves us," Elder Muren remarked Saturday afternoon. "These men and women are His servants. They are His representatives. They come with a message that represents what the world really needs and wants."

All can know this message for themselves, he explained. For those who have already received a witness of the truthfulness of the gospel, Elder Muren admonished them to cherish that testimony.

"It is so delicate. It needs to be nourished with prayer, with the reading of the scriptures."

For those who are searching for the truth, "we invite you to allow [the missionariesT of the Church today to teach you how the Church was returned to the earth in these latter days."

Elder Muren shared his conversion story that began some 37 years ago. "I found," he related, "that my intellect was stimulated by the new vistas of knowledge presented by these two mature representatives of the Church who had been called later in life to serve a mission."

As one missionary bore solemn testimony of the truthfulness of their message, he reached over and touched Elder Muren's knee, saying, "And now you will know it is true."

"The Spirit of God came into my body as a fire," Elder Muren related. "It felt as if it would consume me. It left me physically exhausted but totally assured that the Church was true. Now I knew for myself.

"As the years have passed, I have recognized more fully that it was not just a spiritual experience of the moment, but rather I was the recipient of a testimony, a gift from Heavenly Father, that when nourished and cherished would have lasting effects upon me every day of my life."

Non-members often ask why the Church continues to send out tens of thousands of missionaries every year when many nations already know of the Bible and Jesus Christ.

But the answer is clear in the scriptures, Elder Muren said. After the Lord had been crucified, He returned to the earth to bear witness of His resurrection and charged His apostles to teach all nations.

"We bear witness to the world that He lives. That He knows each one of us individually. That He has a plan, a divine plan, to bring you and to bring me back into His presence."