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A spirit of camaraderie filled the Tabernacle as President Gordon B. Hinckely conducted the priesthood session. Addresses covered a range of subjects and were both humorous, as when Elder David B. Haight recounted a football game in which his team lost 106-6, and poignant, as when President Thomas S. Monson described how a Scout saved the life of his little brother.\ President Hinckley's remarks were etched in sadness as he addressed the subject of husbands whose behavior led to broken hearts and broken homes.\The combined men of the Tabernacle Choir and Mormon Youth Chorus performed such numbers as "The Morning Breaks," "I feel My Savior's Love," and "How Firm a Foundation," directed by Donald Ripplinger and Robert C. Bowden with Clay Christiansen at the organ.

Elder W. Eugene Hansen of the Seventy offered the invocation, and Elder Horacio A. Tenorio, also of the Seventy, offered the benediction.


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"What good will a covenant do (I agree to do something), or an ordinance (I hereby sign the agreement), if you ultimately don't [live up to itT?" - Elder Jorge A. Rojas


"Be examples worthy of emulation. Youth need fewer critics and more models to follow." - President Thomas S. Monson


Missionary work

"Make the inevitable challenges of missionary work stepping stones for spiritual growth." - Elder Dennis B. Neuenschwander

"There is no lasting peace in the heart, no tranquility in the home without the companionship of a good woman. Our wives are not our inferiors." - President Gordon B. Hinckley


"Perhaps the greatest of Christian acts are those we never hear about." -Elder Rex D. Pinegar