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Brings about change in society- Promotes harmony

The miracle of peace and love among the people of the American continent that lasted nearly 300 years was one of the greatest events in the history of the world, said Elder H. Verlan Andersen during the concluding session of general conference Sunday afternoon.This peace, said Elder Andersen, who was released from his calling as a Seventy Saturday afternoon, was a result of the visit and teachings of the Savior.

"It will be remembered that for 600 years prior to the advent of the Savior the Nephite and Lamanite races had been almost constantly at war one with another." related Elder Andersen. "Although there were periods of peace and prosperity, upon becoming wealthy the people became proud and wicked, were punished and the process would start again. (Hela. 12:1-4.) These cycles of human folly were relatively short and seemed to occur every five or 10 years.

"However, when the Lord appeared, He established one unified society in which there was no sin, no crime, and no wars. These conditions continued to prevail."

The key to this remarkable change in society, he said, was for parents to teach the gospel to their children, and "doing so especially during that early period in their lives when they cannot be tempted."

Elder Andersen noted that Jesus taught the children "greater things than He taught the multitude, and the children taught these things to their fathers." (3 Ne. 26.)

"Would not the children, after having been taught properly, have continued to live righteously after reaching maturity; and in the process of training them, would not the parents have become equally humble and righteous?

"The early teaching of children by parents offers the solution to many problems which otherwise may afflict our lives," said Elder Andersen. "Is this not the ounce of prevention which will eliminate the need for many pounds of cure with respect to our youth?

"Is there a better way to create and promote marital harmony than for a husband and wife to fully cooperate in carrying out this, their most important stewardship in time or eternity?

"What could bring greater satisfaction and meaning into the lives of grandparents or others than to establish the family tradition of training children during their years of innocence?

"And finally," he said, "how can we more easily overcome pride than by teaching children, whose humility we must emulate in order to enter the kingdom of heaven?

"The proper teaching of children is truly one of the most essential parts of God's plan for our happiness."