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To the editor:

Our schools are back in session again, with all of our hopes and worries. Yes, we have hope. But everybody knows that something is wrong with education. Even the experts, with all of their rhetoric, don't know the answers. How can they, when they don't know the causes?The problems of our schools are just a spinoff of the problems that beset our whole nation. They really are moral problems, but the schools are helpless to teach morals.

Morals have to do with what God thinks, and His rules are strict. This does not set well with modern, progressive education. Modern education must allow for freedom, and the kids have too much freedom and with it, too much power.

What happens then to the discipline and the authority of the teacher? Too many of the students slide along and get by year after year without mastering the basics. If they don't do well in school, they and their parents can always blame the teacher. The teacher is put in an untenable position.

What about self-discipline? This the schools don't teach very well either. This should be the most important subject in the curriculum. This is where character building and the responsibilities of good citizenship come in.

"In God We Trust" is the motto of America. In our secular education, this has practically lost its meaning. With our great material successes, we have come to believe that we don't need the commandments of God anymore. The kind of lifestyle we now have seems to prove that, except for the colossal social and economic problems that we face.

We boast about freedom. Have we lost the discipline it takes to give us freedom? Our freedom has evolved into material indulgence. We can buy indulgences until we are satiated with them, if we have the money. Hasn't this become the motivation for getting an education, to be able to get the money?

This nation was founded on Christian principles. But modern science and technology seem to have found an easier and better way.

Morals are the answer and these cannot be taught without the fear of God and His judgments.

J. Arbon Christensen