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Members of the Richfield Beautification Committee have resigned, criticizing city officials for not giving them support through enforcement of ordinances.

"Our conclusion is that until the City Council gets behind the beautification ordinance that has been adopted, there is no need of the beautification committee going any further," the letter of resignation stated.The letter was signed by Committee Chairman Durell Sorenson and the nine other members: Fern Larson, Tonya Bailey, Ross Bowen, Gary A. Jensen, Beverly Groesbeck, Dale Jensen, Dave Ogden, Marlene Funk and Jim Ence.

Sorenson said the committee has worked hard for two years to clean and beautify the city, and while there have been accomplishments, the support of city officials has been lacking. He added that some problem areas in the city have not been addressed.

"We have presented lists to the council time and time again for their consideration to have the ordinances enforced, but so far nothing has happened," Sorenson said.

Examples he cited included no law enforcement on the streets in regard to demolition derby cars, travel trailers and other vehicles permanently parked on streets in violation of city ordinances.

The council has consistently warned it has the authority to clean up lots and send the bills to property owners. "As far as spraying a lot, sending bills to the property owners, placing tax liens on properties or trusting someone to clean up their own lot without force is no big deal," Sorenson said. He criticized the council for "word of mouth and no action."

The former chairman said an ordinance or regulation is no good if no one upholds it. "We feel there is no sense for us to give our time when nothing is being done."