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To the editor:

I am disturbed by the militant antics of the group that calls itself Queer Nation. It is sad that such a small, vocal minority of homosexuals can taint the image of homosexuals at large.I am a happy, well-adjusted professional in Salt Lake. My family and close friends know my sexual orientation and don't consider me "queer." My desk may be next to yours at work or I may be the one sitting next to you in church. I'm not strange and you don't consider me strange - but please consider Queer Nation strange. They don't represent the majority of us.

Who I tell about my sexual orientation is my choice. Queer Nation says they are fighting for the civil rights of homosexuals, but when they choose to force another homosexual "out of the closet," they are taking away that person's civil rights as much as they blame discrimination on others.

Name withheld