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To the editor:

The Davis County School District and school board have set a shameful example of manipulation of students and commercialization of the school system at the expense of students and education.On Sept. 30, students at Farmington Junior High, Morgan and Knowlton Elementary (and others) were coerced into participating in a fund-raising scheme without parental knowledge or permission.

Students at Farmington Junior High volunteered to help, but Knowlton Elementary pupils were each given packets to bring home. At Morgan Elementary, each student's packet was labeled with his/her name and teacher's name.

Students were told that parents would be financially responsible if packets were misplaced or damaged. Education time was embezzled to distribute the packets and give instructions. At Morgan Elementary, student time and energy was usurped to put packets together.

What happens when two or more students bring home packets? Are parents, who are taxed to death by a morally bankrupt system and then made to feel like a burden on the tax system, supposed to smile and buy them all? Or should we send children to solicit support from neighbors whose children have graduated from the education system and who deeply resent the financial drain of property taxes?

This scheme to take advantage of students and parents is despicable - lacking ethics, void of integrity, and we are disgusted.

Glenn and Carolie Parker