Former Salt Lake mayoral candidate Dave Jones has decided not to run a write-in campaign, and it's likely he will leave the Utah House of Representatives after next year.

Jones said Tuesday he appreciates the honest efforts by some of his supporters in examining a write-in effort, but "I believe in the system, and I think we should follow that system" of normal campaigning. Jones finished a close third - and was eliminated - in the Oct. 8 primary election. Some of his supporters have talked about a write-in campaign, but no major office in the state has ever been won through a write-in effort.In the current redistricting of legislative seats - the Legislature meets Monday in a special redistricting session - the Republican majority suggests that Jones' and Rep. Paula Julander's districts be combined. Julander, a Democrat like Jones, is a close personal friend "and a great legislator," Jones said.

"I won't run against Paula; if it comes to that, the seat is hers," Jones said. Population in Salt Lake City hasn't grown like populations in the south part of Salt Lake County, and GOP leaders say several incumbent legislators - including Jones and Julander - must have their districts combined.

"Some people have asked me to consider running for Congress next year or the Salt Lake County Commission. I'm thinking about them but have made no decisions," Jones said.