Jim Wankier, Farmington, N.M.

"I'm glad he's confirmed. I didn't believe he was a man that would commit sexual harassment. There were too many other women that he'd worked with that testified in his behalf, and if he was a habitual abuser he would have done it to more than one woman."Veronice Stamper, Salt Lake City

"I'm really saddened. He's a Supreme Court justice and he has to make decisions about these very things (sexual harassment). I really feel the objectivity isn't there. I think anytime there is a shadow of a doubt - because it's the Supreme Court - we have to examine these things very closely. I honestly believe her (Anita Hill). I think she's very brave. There have been so many people that I know that didn't come forward."

Alfred Holzapfel, California

"I'm happy he got confirmed. I didn't think that any person - whoever it may be - should publicly have to go through that process. I'm glad that he did make it. I think his qualifications are impeccable. I think he acted very well for a man that was very mad."

Jennifer Carlson, Salt Lake City

"I'm really upset about it. First of all, I'm not for Thomas. It has nothing to do with Anita Hill. I didn't believe Anita Hill. I'm against him because of his stand on abortion and affirmative action. I don't think he's the most qualified candidate. He's young and hasn't had a lot of experience. I'm all for having another black person on the Supreme Court. I don't think he's our man."

Linda Egan, Salt Lake City

"I was a little bit disappointed. I really hadn't taken a side, but when it came right down to it there surely must be someone somewhere, where there wouldn't be any question of character. I was disappointed because I really didn't think he'd make it. When the count came in I found myself feeling disappointed. I guess everyone has something tucked somewhere, but I don't think so."

William Price, Salt Lake City

"I thought there was too much controversy. Anybody with that much bad press is more hassle than it's worth. It's a little shocking (the allegations). He was awfully vague (in refuting the allegations). He kind-of sounded like Oliver North."