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KJQN (92.7 FM, 95.5 FM and 104.9 FM in Provo) has lost one of its most well-known personalities. Biff Raffe, the "KJQ" music director for 31/2 years, left the station earlier this month to start a new rock station in Austin, Texas.

Raffe has been the mastermind behind the music that has made KJQ one of the most listened-to new rock stations in the country. Raffe has been on Utah's airwaves since the early 1980s, where he worked at KABE, the state's first station to play modern music. He then moved on to KCGL and later to KJQ.Raffe will be the program director at the new Texas station, which is expected to begin broadcasting in November. He will be replaced at KJQ by Dom Casual, who will become the station's music director and afternoon drive-time announcer.

With Raffe's departure, the station has re-arranged its announcer schedule. Here is the new KJQ announcer lineup:

6-10 a.m. - Kerry and Bill, Radio from Hell University; 10 a.m.-2 p.m. - Andrea; 2-6 p.m. - Dom Casual; 6-10 p.m. - Todd Nuke'm; 10 p.m.-2 a.m. - Gina Barberi; 2-6 a.m. - Chet Tapp; Weekends: `Mister' West, A. Arlo Gumby, Mark Christiansen, Rob Hill.

- BIG RADIO CONTESTS - Five radio stations have started or will begin some large contests this month. October is shaping up as one of the biggest months ever for Wasatch Front radio prize giveaways.

KLZX is bragging about its "Z-Card" in conjunction with its "Incredible Garage" contest, while KDYL is offering $100,000 in its "Golden Years Sweepstakes" and sister station KSFI is awarding 100 trips to Disneyland in its "Listen While You Work" campaign.

KMGR has a big "rabbit" contest planned and KCPX is not only bringing back its "Cash Song of the Day" event but will also premiere a new contest, "No Repeat Work Days."

Here are more details:

- KLZX (FM-93.3) is taking the market by a storm by introducing the all-new "Z-Card." This card is a valuable money-saver, offering discounts on merchandise, ski lift tickets, two-for-one-dinners and other recreational discount admissions.

To make sure everyone gets a "Z-Card," the station is now offering "The Incredible Garage" to kick off the campaign. The station will read numbers on the air, which listeners must match to numbers on the back of their "Z-Cards" to qualify for many prizes, including a Nissan 4X4 truck, a 17-foot Wellcraft inboard/outboard boat, a jet-ski, lawnmower, golf clubs, skis, a snowblower and $15,000 in cash (to be given out as a $1,000 prize at the time).

Pizza Hut is Z-93's initial sponsor in distributing the cards. More than 100,000 "door hangers" will be hung across town, each containing a "Z-Card."

- KDYL (AM-1280) will begin its "Golden Years Sweepstakes" on Monday, Oct. 21, giving listeners a chance to win up to $100,000 in prizes.

Throughout each week, listeners will be asked to call the station's statewide toll free number (800-582-0201) and pick three of the 25 "Golden Years" (1941-1965). If the three years given by the caller match the sequence of years picked by a computer, the caller wins a $100,000 prize package.

If the caller's three selections are correct but in a different order, he will receive a $10,000 prize package. Two correct year selections will be worth $1,000 and one correct year will equal a $40 prize.

A complete list of rules is available at KDYL studios, 57 W. South Temple, Suite 700, weekdays, 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

- KSFI (alias "FM-100.3) is giving away 100 trips to Disneyland again this year in its "Listen While You Work" campaign.

Each weekday at 7:10 a.m., Scott MacNeil will announce the contest's "Song of the Day." He'll play the song once and then announce the time frame for a future play time. The 10th caller (Salt Lake: 570-1100, Ogden: 670-1100 and Provo: 470-1100) to get through the phone lines will win a trip for four to Disneyland.

The contest will continue into November, or when the station has awarded 100 trips.

"FM-100" also will offer a free peek behind the scenes, Saturday, Oct. 19, during "Kid's Day" at Alien Encounters, 5959 S. Redwood Road. Children can tour the three-acre site with "tame' monsters on hand and learn how the special effects and makeup are done at one of the largest haunted houses in the valley.

Admission is free with a family voucher from Village Inn Restaurant (no purchase required). Alien Encounters is a benefit to the homeless and accepts cans of food as donations any time.

- KMGR (alias "Magic 107.5," FM) just introduced its new mascot, the"Magic 107.5 Rabbit" last week and will soon have a contest to name the costumed character.

The big problem is, no one knows yet if the rabbit is a he or a she.

- KCPX (FM-98.7) brought back its "Cash Song of the Day" contest today, according to program director Greg Smith. A brief portion of the cash song will be played weekdays at 7:15 a.m. during Mick Makay and Gary Zane's show. The next time the song is played, in its entirety, the ninth listener to call the station will be awarded between $100 and $1,000.

A new promotion, "No Repeat Work Days," guarantees that you'll never hear the same song played twice between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., weekdays.

"We'll offer more variety," Smith said. "If a listener hears a song repeated between these hours he'll have an opportunity to call and win $1,000."

KCPX also has a "Radio Inspector" program going, and inspectors will begin visiting more offices than ever. Office listeners are awarded $100 if the inspector finds a radio tuned to FM-98.7. Offices hoping for a visit should send the station their name and address.

- RED RIBBON FOOTBALL - At least four Salt Lake radio personalities will be playing in the "Red Ribbon Celebrity (touch) Football Game," Monday, Oct. 21, 6:30 p.m. at Judge Memorial High, 650 S. 1100 East.

KKAT's Ken Simmons will play for the blue team, while KISN's "Fisher and Todd" will wait to decide until just before the game to choose a team. (They should just let Jan Snyder choose their team!)

Mark Van Wagoner of KMGR will be playing for the red team. He's also a KXIV-TV personality.

Jerry Johnston of the Deseret News also will play for the blue team.

The game is part of "Red Ribbon

Week" for drug-free youth, Oct. 21-26. Admission is 50 cents per person.

- KTKK (alias "K-Talk, AM-630) - Danny Kramer will have several special guests on his 3-5 p.m. show next week. On Monday, Oct. 21, Carrie Stevens Jones will examine "Very Special Arts in Utah" at 3 p.m. Carla Perez will discuss "Getting off the Merry-Go-Round of Destructive Habits" at 4 p.m.

On Tuesday, Oct. 22, the Amazing Kreskin will talk with Kramer at 4 p.m. and Wednesday, Oct. 23, Craig Chilton will share his secret of how to "Earn $30,000 a year to Travel" at 4 p.m.

"The Language of Effective Listening" will be addressed by Arthur Robertson, Thursday, Oct. 24, at 4 p.m.

- KBZN (alias, "The Breeze," FM-97.9) - The Sunday, Oct. 20, "Musical Starstreams" (8-10 a.m.) will feature Patric Ohearn and "Between Two Worlds." Later in the day, "Jazz Trax" (7 p.m.) will spotlight on David Benoit. "Happy Anniversary Charlie Brown" will be the show's "Archives Album" segment.

Here's a schedule of the "7 O'Clock CD" show next week:

Monday, Oct. 21: "New CD Night"; Tuesday, Oct. 22: "Niki Nana," by Yani; Wednesday, Oct. 23: "Every Step of the Way," by David Benoit; Thursday, Oct. 24: "Windom Hill Sampler 92," by various artists; Friday, Oct. 25: "Power of Suggestion," by Richard Elliot.

- KSL (AM-1160) - Here are some station programming highlights for next week:

- Saturday, Oct. 19: "The KSL Greenhouse" (7-10 a.m.) will focus on planting bulbs and flowers this fall in order to have a great flower garden next spring, while the BYU football game will pre-empt the "Car Radio" and "Your House" shows.

- Sunday, Oct. 20: "Getaway" (11 a.m.) will highlight some good "bed and breakfast" locations and also tell where the best fall tree colors can be enjoyed. "Health and Fitness" (11:30 a.m.) will provide tips on getting back to healthy eating.

- Monday, Oct. 21: The Utah State Tax Commission tells Doug Wright about its agreement with Dusty's Vans at 11 a.m., and sexual harassment will be examined at 11:30 a.m. At 1 p.m., Bob Lee begins a weeklong examination of "fringe medicine."

- Tuesday, Oct. 22: The "KSL Cooking Show" will welcome guest Upton Ramsey.

Wednesday, Oct. 23: Coin collection on the "Dollars and Sense" show (11:30 a.m.)

- Thursday, Oct. 24: Wright will sample alligator and other exotic meats on the "Cooking Show" (10 a.m.)

- Friday, Oct. 25: KSL's "Movie Show" with Wright and Chris Hicks.