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Reeling from the worst shooting by a lone gunman in U.S. history, residents of Killeen flocked to their churches Sunday for comforting sermons and solace from the pain wrought by George Hennard.

Hennard, 35, rammed his pickup truck into Luby's Cafeteria Wednesday and opened fire in a deep rage that police and psychiatrists are still trying to fathom. The attack killed 24 people, including Hennard, who turned his gun on himself.In churches in and around Killeen, special Sunday services were conducted to comfort the residents and offer prayers to help them regain their peace of mind.

The residents also began bidding farewell to the victims of the nation's worst single-day massacre at funeral services that will go on for most of the week.

"He (God) will not make us suffer more than we can bear," said the Rev. Lawrence Bauer at the Holy Family Catholic Church in nearby Copperas Cove.

Seven Copperas Cove residents were among the 23 victims of Hennard.

Church member Sylvia Bonnilla said, "We and all Christians at this time of death and suffering in our area find solace in the mercy of Christ.

"For all of those who died in the tragic killing in Killeen," she added, "we ask that God in his mercy will draw them to himself."

And at an earlier service in Killeen's First Baptist Chruch, the Rev. Lanny Geib of St. Christopher's Episcopal Church assured the assemblage that their prayers will not go unanswered.

"Father, we ask that you come now and comfort and heal and touch everyone of us here," he said. "Grief, Lord, is a shared event and within this community, help us to become good people and share the burden with those that have the heaviest burden."

The latest fatality of the slaughter was Kriemhild Davis, 62, who died at Scott and White Hospital Saturday from gunshot wounds inflicted during Hennard's assault.