Two Colorado men have been booked into the San Juan County jail following the kidnapping and apparent murder of a Colorado gas station attendant Friday night.

George Bonds, 58, of Cortez, Colo., was apparently killed shortly after he was kidnapped from the Shell Truck Stop in Cortez.Cortez Police Chief Roy Lane said Bonds' remains were found Saturday around 6:30 p.m. in a field near U.S. 666 between Dove Creek, Colo., and Monticello.

Bonds was beaten to death with a wrench and apparently run over with a vehicle, authorities said.

Andy Gomez, 27, and Jeffrey Scott Heird, 25, both of Cortez, Colo., have been booked into jail for investigation of homicide in connection with the robbery and kidnapping. Bail for Heird and Gomez was set at $150,000 and $100,000, respectively.

Colorado authorities have filed charges of second-degree kidnapping, aggravated robbery and theft against the men, Lane said.

The Cortez police received a call Friday night at 9:15 p.m. from customers at the Shell Truck Stop who said the attendant there was missing, said Lane.

"The evidence we found at the station led us to believe there had been an armed robbery," Lane said. More than $300 was taken from the station.

Ten minutes later, police received a report of a stolen Jeep Wagoneer from a restaurant parking lot at the other end of town.

"We put out a bulletin on the Jeep Wagoneer," he said.

The Monticello police stopped the Wagoneer around 11:30 p.m. near Monticello, Lane said. "They arrested Gomez. Heird jumped out of the Wagoneer and ran from the officers."

Cortez police sent detectives to Monticello around midnight. "Our detectives found evidence that this was the vehicle involved in the armed robbery and the abduction of the clerk," Lane said.

Heird was arrested later Saturday night in Blanding, Lane said. "He stole a vehicle in Monticello and was arrested in Blanding after a foot chase with Blanding police," Lane said.

Heird apparently spent Friday night in a Monticello motel after fleeing police. He is suspected of stealing a car from the motel parking lot Saturday morning and driving it to Blanding, Lane said.

Heird and Gomez have lived in Cortez for some time, Lane said, and "haven't had any major problems before." Police have not yet retrieved any weapons from the men or the vehicles, he said. "That doesn't mean a lot, though."