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A "win-win-win situation" is the term used to describe the new cooperative effort between Thiokol Inc. in Box Elder County and Bridgerland Vocational Technology Center, located in Cache County just outside Logan.

An open house for the on-site in-service training center at Thiokol's Strategic Operation's Plant 78 was Oct. 3. Representatives of Strategic Operations, Bridgerland Applied Technology Center and the Utah State Office of Education gathered for the ribbon-cutting ceremony.Technology center high school students built the mobile building that houses the learning center and three technology center teachers will come to Plant 78 to teach employees.

Bruce T. Griffin, association superintendent of the Utah State Office of Education, said this is the first on-site employee training center taught in cooperation with an education center.

He said in the last 10 years, the United States' per capita income has fallen in being ranked from first to fifth, and is projected to fall to 25th in the next 10 years.

"We believe this venture is needed to maintain the workplace to be competitive, not fifth or 25th," Griffin said.

Strategic Operations General Manager William W. Brant said, "In order to remain healthy and viable, there is a necessity to go down the continuous improvement road. This is cost-effective in what it costs us to get employees trained."

"This is a win-win-win situation for Thiokol, BATC and employees," said Russ Beals, Strategic Operations director of Human Resources.

The funding for the building and training effort is from Utah custom fit economic development money, secondary and adult education retraining grant money through the Utah Legislature, and Thiokol Corp., according to BATC Superintendent Richard L. Maugham.

The courses offered to Strategic Operations employees will focus on four areas: general office, human development, technical and information services. They will be two- to three-hour block classes during company time. Employees could request to take a class or management might suggest one for an employee. Late afternoon and evening classes in numerous other areas will also be offered.

On Dec. 1, another phase two building will be added beside this one and by March 1, the third phase building will be placed in the material organizing area.