To the editor:

We are not politicians, lobbyists, handlers, spinners, party staffers, media persons, two-bit lawyers or even hometown political volunteers. Not even handing out leaflets for anyone, Democrat or Republican or anybody.We are just angry, frustrated ordinary people who are mad as heck about something and who want to tell our friends out there in Utah about it because it concerns them.

When we sat down to watch the Senate Judiciary Committee begin its televised hearing, we expected the senators to be very thorough and probing. But we also expected them to be impartial, objective and fair. We should not be given less by a United States senator, regardless of what state he comes from.

Frankly, we were disgusted by the manner in which Sen. Orrin Hatch conducted himself. He phrased questions in terms which clearly were for biased effect, not sharp, probing, well-thought interrogatory. He often used the panel members as foils, clearly implying the kind of answer he was seeking.

Clarence Thomas was right. It was an attempt at a high-tech lynching, but it was Anita Hill, not Thomas, whom Hatch appeared to be attempting to hang, with the hands of Sens. Simpson and Specter firmly on the rope.

We cannot believe that what we saw is an example of the real people of Utah. We cannot believe that dignity, fairness, objectivity and dedication to doing the job right are rare virtues in Salt Lake City, Provo, Cedar City and Vernal. We have been in Utah too much not to know better.

Orrin Hatch is not the Utah we know.

Ed and Geneva du Pont

Holden, Mass.