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Frank Joklik, president and chief executive officer of Kennecott Corp. and a top fund-raiser for Salt Lake City's failed Olympics

bid, was named chairman of a new board that will oversee the city's bid for the 2002 Winter Games.Joklik will head a board of 14 local business and civic leaders announced Wednesday by Gov. Norm Bangerter and Mayor Palmer DePaulis.

"We expect the board of trustees to be an active working board to assist the bid committee in their pursuit of the games," Bangerter said. "The bid committee will be accountable to the board." Members will serve for two-, four- and six-year terms.

The new board is a fraction of the size of the previous 40-member board, which was dissolved on Sept. 30. "To have a board meeting we had to meet in the Mountain Fuel building auditorium, it was so big," bid committee vice president David Johnson recalled.

He said paring down the board to a workable size was one of the first tasks bid committee president Tom Welch wanted to accomplish before embarking on Salt Lake City's next bid, which takes place in Budapest, Hungary, in 1995.

The committee suggested who should serve, but the final decision was up to Bangerter and DePaulis. "Not everyone we wanted was named. But this board is a broader representation" of the community, Johnson said.

The other members are Nicholas Badami, owner of Park City Ski Resort; Jim Beardall, chairman, president and CEO of Anderson Lumber Co.; Don Cash, chairman, president and CEO of Questar Corp.; Spencer Eccles, chairman, president and CEO of First Security Corp.; Robert Grow, president of Geneva Steel; Henry March, United States Olympic Committee member and executive with the Franklin Institute; June Morris, chairman and CEO of Morris Air Service.

Grethe Peterson, head of the University of Utah Tanner Lectures; Fred Rollins, local marketing director for Delta Airlines; Gordon Strachan, attorney with Strachan & Strachan; Bennie Smith Jr., owner of BENECO Enterprises; Verl Topham, president and CEO of Utah Power; and a member to be selected by the USOC's Athletes' Advisory Council.

Voting ex-officio members are Provo Mayor Joe Jenkins, president of the Utah League of Cities and Towns; Emery County Auditor Karen Truman, president of the Utah Association of Counties; and former Olympic speed skater Mike Plant, president of the USOC's Athletes' Advisory Council.

Non-voting ex-officio members are Fred Ball, president of the Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce; Arthur Smith, president of the University of Utah; and Randy Dryer, chairman of the state's Sports Authority.

With some of the state's top business leaders on the board, Johnson said the committee hopes to "put some money in the bank" and have a budget before turning the bid campaign into high gear.

"The business community really turned on the fund raising for us" in the last bid, he said, particularly Joklik who helped raise about $500,000.

To assist the board and committee with public input and involvement, Bangerter and DePaulis also announced the appointment of 37 members to the Olympic Board of Advisors.

The board's first meeting will be Wednesday, Oct. 30.