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An Ogden man who murdered his mother 10 years ago following an incestuous relationship is being considered for parole from the Utah State Prison.

Bret Lee Etterlein, 32, appeared in tears before Utah Board of Pardons member Michael Sibbett, who took the petition under advisement in order to consult the other four board members.Sibbett said Etterlein's case was "one of the more sleepless decisions" he has faced.

The board, which must evaluate Etterlein's risk to the public, will make a decision as soon as possible, he said. But Sibbett warned Etterlein, "You've got to get a hold of that anger."

Sibbett said Etterlein is doing well in therapy, and prison officials have received no bad reports in recent years.

Etterlein, choking back tears throughout the hearing, recounted a childhood of abuse at the hands of his father and sporadic incest with his mother. He said he often turned to violence when humiliated to protect himself.

"I'm the one who's responsible for everything I've done and I'm doing my best, the best I can," he said.

Etterlein was on parole for armed robbery on June 22, 1981, when he shot and killed his mother, Nyla Earl, 45, in her bed.

He said his mother insisted on having sex that night and threatened to call his parole officer and say he attempted to rape her if he refused.

Afterward, Etterlein said he went to his stepfather's pickup truck, fetched a .22 caliber revolver, returned to the bedroom and shot his mother twice in the head.

He then fled and was arrested six days later after a chase through Ogden streets. He told Sibbett he traveled to Colorado and Wyoming before returning to Ogden in hopes police would shoot him.