To the editor:

This letter is to clarify and respond to Dr. Drew L. Jones' letter on Oct. 23.I attended the meeting with Drew and others to meet candidate Deedee Corradini, who is running for mayor of Salt Lake City. At the meeting, Mr. Jones asked about the process Corradini would employ to fill important positions within the city.

She strongly believes in the best person, the most qualified candidate filling the position. She related a story of an experience she had while on the board of the Utah Symphony. She directed a national search committee to locate the best person to manage the challenges of the Utah Symphony.

She indicated that they found a person outside of Utah. That person was the most qualified and came highly recommended, unlike any of the local candidates. The extremely successful Utah Symphony speaks for the merits of such a selection process, rather than wallowing in mediocrity because of "local boy only" mentality.

Ms. Corradini did not indicate that that was her approach to every position, i.e., bringing in someone from the outside. She only stated that the position needs to go to the person most qualified to fill it and who will best serve the needs of the organization filling such a position.

In no way did she state that she would bring people from all over the country to run our city as Drew indicated incorrectly in his letter.

After my study of the issues, meeting the candidates and reviewing their credentials and background, I am further convinced it's time for Deedee Corradini to lead Salt Lake City.

J. Lund

Salt Lake City