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To the editor:

Coach Arbogast of Bingham High School is a fine man, but he might want to reconsider his aloof letter (Forum, Sept. 25) of righteous indignation and aspersions of irresponsibility on my part for my stand against high school runners and other joggers out on the dark country roads of South Jordan without lights or reflective material.One item only: On Sept. 26, after both of our letters had been published, 25 teenage runners, guys and gals, crossed 10400 South from Bingham High at 6:05 a.m. and headed down the mostly dark 2200 West, some running on the roadway, some off.

Only one had reflective stripes on his shirt, another had one on his knee. None of the rest had anything whatsoever of reflective material. Only five had any white showing. Most were dressed in a motley array of dark colors, with many wearing the distinctive dark blue sweatshirts with "Bingham High" on the front.

Now, this does not fit Arbogast's claims of strict clothing standards, a controlled running course and the like. Maybe he should take back his charges that I am impugning his staff until he checks up on who these runners were and who is responsible for them. I merely report what I see.

My original remarks were meant as gentle sarcasm and have apparently had the effect of dropping the number of runners on the really dark roads west of 2700 West, but maybe we should not get serious about this situation before someone gets hit.

Dr. John L. Walker

South Jordan