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Three county employees - including one county commissioner - have recently paid for asphalt driveways built by county road crews who were working in Eureka, Juab County.

Pat Greenwood, county clerk/treasurer, said the bills had all been paid following a Sept. 3 meeting in which the commission voted 2-1 to request the three employees pay the county back for the service."Juab County has made it a practice to pave driveways as they lead on to city and county roads," said Randy Freston, county engineer/manager. "There are numerous driveways in Eureka which have been paved where the driveways lead on to city streets."

Eureka has at least 20 such driveways, said Freston. He said the county liked to do the paving at least over the city and county right of ways and were willing to do the entire driveway to get rid of the mud leading from private property onto the city and county roads.

"It just makes things so much nicer," he said.

After receiving some anonymous phone calls about the matter, the County Commission met behind closed doors Sept. 3. Afterward, commissioners directed that letters be written to the three employees and request they pay the county for the service.

It was assumed that all three commissioners voted in favor of the action, but Commission Chairman Richard Brough later called Greenwood and requested he be listed in the county minutes of the meeting as abstaining from voting on the issue.

The action surprised Commissioner Ike Lunt when he reviewed the minutes. Lunt said Brough had earlier agreed to support the action.

In the minutes of the Sept. 3 meeting the three employees are identified as County Commissioner Joseph A. Bernini, Leland Sanderson and Glen Wilde. The bills were for approximately $40, $80 and $112.

Freston said this wasn't the only year when the county road crew had paved driveways.

"It has been our policy for some time," he said. However, he said, by offical action of the commission the county road crew had been directed to collect payment. Freston said he had been directed to figure the cost for the driveways and write letters requesting payment, which he had done and all the employees had paid.