Residents have signed a petition urging Mayor Bob Ralston to step down, and the attorney general's office is investigating his administration. But the mayor says he's not resigning.

During a Town Council meeting Thursday, Ralston said he will be glad to quit - when his term expires in January 1994.The petition is the latest controversy to plague the town at the gateway of Zion National Park.

Earlier in the summer, the town clerk and recorder asked a judge to decide whether they have to obey Ralston if his orders were allegedly illegal. That lawsuit was prompted after the lengthy dispute over building permits sought by a local developer.

In August, a group of about 120 citizens rallied in St. George and asked County Attorney Eric Ludlow to help them oust Ralston.

Ludlow said the problem should be handled by the city attorney. Residents said that was unacceptable because City Attorney Glen Ellis was also Ralston's private attorney.

Ellis was fired at the September meeting of the council.