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Chef Boyardee's Hamburger Italiano has a new flavor for you to try: Robust Rigatoni. The 7.75-ounce box of macaroni and "hearty Italian style sauce mix" retails for $1.43.

Don Russell: "Robust Rigatoni was a minor bust in our book. It was too sweet and salty, the noodles seemed too big, and the overall appeal was one of `right out of the box.' We had a harder time with this main dish than other similar products. Although we won't put this item on our next shopping list, there were no leftovers at our house."Judy Slack Wilson: "This was edible - barely. We probably won't buy it again."

Edyth Jensen: "When I first started mixing this together, I wasn't so sure we would want to eat it. But the flavors blended and came through great. It is a good helper to have around."

Linda C. Tingey: "This is really good and extra handy for when you come home from work and need something fairly quick. Just add the hamburger and you have dinner. My kids really liked the Italain flavoring."

Rich Firmage: "As pre-fab dinners go this one was pretty good. However, it is a mystery to me what the makers of these type of dinners do to the noodles to make them so sticky and chewy. The flavor was really quite good, and if I ever buy this again I will throw the noodles in the trash and put in some of my own. I give this one a mixed review."

Conclusion: Iffa you feel like Italiano for dinner, you better stick to pizza!

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