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Alta View Hospital-

EGNER, Troy and Deanna, Salt Lake City, boy.

GUNDESTRUP, Carl and Ronda, Salt Lake City, boy.

HARRISON, Don and Julie, Sandy, boy.

NELSON, Richard and Allison, Alpine, girl.

Cottonwood Hospital-

BRONSON, Jonathan and Renee, Murray, boy.

BROWER, Kory and Gena, West Jordan, boy.

CAHOON, Christene and BARBER, Adam, Salt Lake City, girl.

DOUBEK, Paul and Carole, Salt Lake City, boy.

FITZGERALD, Dan and Louann, West Jordan, boy.

LEWIS, Joey and Cindy, West Jordan, girl.

NORTON, Kenneth and Kathy, Kearns, boy.

OKUNO, Robert and Carrie, Sandy, girl.

SWANAGAN, Patrick and Heidi, Murray, girl.

VANDENBERGHE, Jed and Elizabeth, Salt Lake City, boy.

Holy Cross Hospital-

GERTH, Deno and Lisa, Salt Lake City, girl.

JOHNSON, Dennis and Madelyn, girl.

PETERSEN, Mark and Cindy, Midvale, boy.

LDS Hospital-

BILAGODY, Nate and Genevieve, Salt Lake City, girl.

DARGER, Angela and DAHLQUIST, Jeff, Salt Lake City, girl.

NIELSEN, Craig and Susan, Salt Lake City, girl.

ORTLAND, Grant and Cynthia, Salt Lak eCity, girl.

RALPHS, Colin and Angela, Salt Lake City, boy.

STANLEY, Matthew and Elise, Salt Lake City, boy.

STEPHENSON, David and Ann, West Jordan, girl.

THOMPSON, Mr. and Mrs. Jeff K., Salt Lake City, boy.

ZABRISKIE, Brad and Lisa, Centerville, girl.

St. Mark's Hospital-

BAILEY, Donette, Salt Lake City, girl.

JOHNSON, Steven and Sheri, Sandy, girl.

KWON, Sung-Yun and Susan, Salt Lake City, boy.

THOMPSON, Robert and Dawn, South Jordan, boy.

University Hospital-

BRIXEY, Stan and Tammy, Salt Lake City, girl.

JENSEN, Ron and Nancy, Kaysville, boy.

SMITH, Cheryl, West Valley City, girl.

TIDRICK, Gabriella, Salt Lake City, girl.

TRUJILLO, Laurie, West Valley City, girl.

WILSON, Kevin and Shirley Janae, Sandy, boy.

ZUECH, Mike and Chrystal, boy.