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Twenty-seven film classics produced by the Church and BYU Motion Picture Studio are now available on five videocassette tapes for home and classroom use.

Termed "video classics," the films were selected by the Curriculum and Correlation departments of the Church from more than 100 films produced since the late 1940s. The Audiovisual Department of the Church put the collection together just prior to becoming a separate department from the Curriculum Department in March 1991."Our objective was to provide to families the classic videos," said Josiah Douglas, director of the planning and development division of the Church Curriculum Department.

"There have been videos created over a number of years for families to buy. They originally were on 16-millimeter film and transferred to video," Brother Douglas explained. "These accumulated to 20 or so video tapes. At that time, there was no attempt to pick the very best ones."

But now that task is accomplished.

The classics are organized into five categories: "A Voice from the Dust," dealing with the Book of Mormon; "Come Unto Me," focusing on the Savior and the Plan of Salvation; "Moments from Church History;" "Teach One Another," containing classic teaching films; and "The Worth of Souls," which "emphasizes compassion and the value of human beings who have problems," explained Brother Douglas. (Please see list of films on the videos.)

"We tried to create a balance, hence we have the films grouped by title," Brother Douglas said.

To be included in the collection of classics, films had to meet certain criteria, the most important being "the test of time," Brother Douglas noted. "The films must be relevant for teaching gospel principles today and for a number of years to come."

Robert F. Collins, manager of member support media of the Audiovisual Department, said the films originated in 16-millimeter format, except for "Search the Scriptures," which was produced on video. All the films were duplicated in high-fidelity stereo sound.

The video classics tapes can be purchased at Church distribution centers for $6 each.

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`Video classics' in five categories

A Voice from the Dust

"How Rare a Possession: The Book of Mormon"

- "A Marvelous Work Begins"

- "The Three Witnesses"

- "For Us!"

Come Unto Me

- "Man's Search For Happiness"

- "Come, Follow Me"

- "Morality For Youth"

- "Where Jesus Walked"

- "In His Holy House"

- "The Heavens Are Open"

Moments from Church History

- "The First Vision"

- "Restoration of the Priesthood"

- "The Windows of Heaven"

- "Last Day at Carthage"

- "LDS Leaders: Past and Present"

- "Joseph Smith: The Man"

Teach One Another

- "Cipher in the Snow"

- "Teaching - A Renewed Dedication"

- "Elaine Dart, Not Like Other People"

- "Lilies Grow Wild"

- "Teach One Another"

- "Search the Scriptures"

The Worth of Souls

- "Uncle Ben"

- "The Gift"

- "The Mailbox"

- "Pioneers in Petticoats"

- "Johnny Lingo"