A Jan. 10, 1992, sentencing date has been set for a former securities agent convicted of defrauding three investors and his brokerage house.

Ronald Alan Harry's conviction Dec. 6 on four counts of securities fraud followed a four-day jury trial before Judge Richard H. Moffat in 3rd District Court.Harry sold units in Red River Mountain Limited Partnership, an Arizona land development, by telling one investor that Harry and his father had bought units, which was not true, said prosecutor David N. Sonnenreich.

Sonnenreich also said that Harry failed to tell the investor that future payments totaling seven times the original investment might be due on the unit.

Harry also was convicted of having purchased Red River units on behalf of two clients who had instructed him not to buy any limited partnerships or any investments that could require future payments.

In addition, he was convicted of defrauding his San Diego-based brokerage house, Linsco-Private Ledger, by failing to get its approval before selling units in Red River.

In the securities industry, that practice is known as "selling away" from the brokerage house. It prevents the house from reviewing important information to determine whether the investment is appropriate for the client and the house.

Because the house never learns of the transaction, it also deprives the brokerage house from its share of commission of the sale.

Harry faces a maximum sentence of up to 3 years in prison and a $10,000 fine on each count.