To the editor:

I am pro-life and pro-choice and anti-abortion. I am not a fence-sitter. Nor do I advocate compromise, fairness or balance. "How?" you ask. Perhaps some definitions may help.Pro-life: I advocate reverence of human life in all its forms from embryo to adult. I abhor the selfish and irresponsible destruction of human life, even human life dependent upon another for survival, except when that dependence will cause irreparable harm or possible death to the caregiver.

Pro-choice: I support freedom of choice of all human beings but emphatically reject any notion that anyone has the right to alter the natural consequences of choices freely made, especially when doing so would harm the life of another human being. Precautions taken to avoid possible consequences do not relieve one of consequential obligations. The choice must be made before the act is carried out.

Anti-abortion: Pregnancy is the natural consequence of heterosexual intercourse in which another human being is created. The destruction of that life for the selfish whims of another is abominable. The embryo growing inside the womb is human, a human being that depends on another for its survival.

Anti-abortion laws do not legislate the morality of a few any more than anti-homicide laws.

Tyler Jensen