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A man branded by a prosecutor as a slumlord who said he had improved his building so much he wouldn't mind living in it himself found a judge willing to take him at his word.

Superior Court Judge Judith Whitmer Kozloski on Thursday ordered Hee Duk Kang to live in his rundown apartment house for two months. An electronic monitor strapped to Kang's ankle will assure officials that he spends the required 19 hours a day inside the building."During a sentencing hearing, he said he'd fixed up the place so well he wouldn't mind living in it himself," said San Mateo County Deputy District Attorney Bob Bishop. "I don't think that's what he had in mind, but we decided to take him up on it."

Kang, 53, pleaded no contest to bribing a housing inspector.

Building inspectors have reported the 100-unit apartment building to be infested with rats and cockroaches, with inadequate heating and ventilation, damaged railings, overcrowded units and other safety problems.

The complex has been cited for more than 1,000 violations of electrical, plumbing, building and fire codes, Bishop said.

"I hope this will make him a little more aware of the shortcomings of the place," Bishop said. "It's a pretty rough place."