Final results from Lithuania's independence plebiscite released Monday showed three-quarters of the total number of permanent voting-age residents in the republic support secession.

In the neighboring Baltic republic of Latvia, the Parliament held a long debate Monday on the date and other specifics for its own independence plebiscite in defiance of the Kremlin. A vote on the issue was postponed until Tuesday.Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev last week condemned the separate votes on independence in the Baltic republics as illegal and is demanding that all Soviet republics take part in a March 17 referendum on keeping the country intact.

The official figures showed 84.52 percent of the eligible voters in Lithuania cast ballots Saturday, with 90.39 percent of those who voted answering "yes" to the question: "Should the state of Lithuania be an independent and democratic republic."

The figures showed that 76.46 percent of all those eligible to vote, including the small percentage that boycotted the poll in response to Communist Party encouragement, favored independence.

There has been no official response from Moscow to the results of Saturday's vote in Lithuania.

A government spokesman in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius said Monday evening there was still no sign of the regular Soviet military maneuvers in the Baltics that had been scheduled to start Sunday.

Lithuanians had feared the maneuvers by the more than 100,000 Soviet soldiers in the region would be used to resume last month's military crackdown in the Baltics after the plebiscite.

The Baltic republics and Armenia and Georgia have said they will refuse to participate in the national referendum on Gorbachev's plan for a "renewed union." The third Baltic republic of Estonia has its own independence vote scheduled March 3.

Latvian Parliament spokesman Valdis Ivanov said by telephone from Riga that a Latvian plebicsite on independence would probably be held before March 17, but he said deputies had not agreed on a date or the specifics of the vote.

The Parliament was expected to vote on the details of the Latvian balloting Tuesday afternoon, Ivanov said.

A delegation of American congressmen touring the Baltic republics to show support for their desire to secede from the Soviet Union was to meet with Latvian Parliament deputies Tuesday morning, he said.

The Lithuanian government in Vilnius released final results Monday from Saturday's vote that showed overwhelming support for the republic's drive to reclaim the independence it enjoyed between the two world wars, before the Baltics were annexed by the Soviet Union in 1940.