Age: 44

Born: Gunnison, Sanpete County

Family: wife, Janet; children, Elizabeth, 19; Ryan, 17; Trisha, 14; Alison, 13; Natalie, 8; Rebecca, 6.

Education: Attended Snow College; bachelor of arts degree in political science from Utah State University; master of arts in public administration from Brigham Young University; advanced classes at University of Utah.

Occupation: Senior legislative fiscal analyst, Utah State Legislature.


Population: 12,000

Budget: General fund, $2 million. Total: $3 million

Number of Employees: 26

Mayor's salary: $7,200


Politics: Non-partisan. "In my job, I work for the Legislature, for both parties, and have to maintain a non-partisan stance."

First "real" job: Typical small-town, rural southern Utah jobs: hauling hay, working in a grocery store, newspaper route. Did carpet installing all through college.

Management style: Participatory. "Get people to participate rather than being autocratic. Involve everyone."

Why I like being mayor: Public service, seeing the city grow economically. "I'm service-oriented, I want to be of service to the community, and this is the best way I can think of to do that. I enjoy working with people."

Why I hate being mayor: Time commitment, difficulty in building a consensus sometimes. "There are a lot of times when it's difficult to get a consensus, to get people heading in a common direction. The time commitment can also be strenuous sometimes. Some individuals call up with complaints of petty things that instead of looking to themselves, they look to city government.

Recipe for success: Prioritize things, do first things first. "You have to put things in their proper order, set priorities and then go after them -- whether they're the things you want to do or not. Don't be a procrastinator. Deal with problems before they get too big."

A memorable failure: "None come to mind immediately. I'm sure there are some, though."

Heroes: Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, from history; some legislative leaders known for handling problems in a "statesmanlike manner instead of a partisan manner"; a Scoutmaster from youth.

Leisure: Camping, hunting, reading for leisure, skiing -- "but I don't get to do much of that, except spring skiing, because the Legislature is in session."

Favorite book: All kinds of leisure reading, expecially political espionage books; a Tom Clancy fan.

Favorite movie: "Sound of Music."