County commissioners have not yet resolved problems posed by bond notes limiting how the old County Courthouse can be used, but potential tenants are lining up to move into the building.

The Utah County Travel Council and a section of the Utah County Sheriff's Office are committed to moving into the building. The commission will consider next week a request from Rep. Bill Orton, D-Utah, who wants to lease 1,842 square feet on the third floor.And, Commissioner Gary Herbert says other congressmen have expressed interest in locating their offices in the building.

Orton is proposing to rent the office space at $9.50 per square foot for 22 months, which includes maintenance and utility costs. Orton will pay $14,580 in 1991 for the office space. He wants to move into the building in March, provided it is ready.

The building is being deep cleaned, and the county plans to hire local architect Val Killian to oversee refurbishing.